Eighteen 87 performing August 26th

Eighteen 87

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Eighteen 87 will be live August 26 for Music Friday at the Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland. They will perform from 3-6 pm.

Based in historic West Orange County, Florida, and named after the year the town of Oakland was founded, Eighteen87 is proud to call Oakland its home base. Their music is a mosaic of tunes from across the decades as well as ear-catching original music. Whether you enjoy the show tapping your feet relaxed in a chair or on your feet, dancing to the rhythm, you will love Eighteen87!

An LA native, David Alan Bruce began his music career as a songwriter in his early teens. He has released three albums and 12 singles alongside music producer Jamie Stoffa.

Guitarist and bassist Sam King has been a professional musician for 25 years. He plays lead guitar in the band Keeper, acoustic guitar in Pair of Kings, and bass guitar in Eighteen87.

Lead Vocalist Gregg Knudholt began his career as an Elvis impersonator, moving on to percussion, predominantly in classic rock. He has toured and recorded extensively. He honed his acting skills at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Sciences in New York City.

Drummer Paul Prindle was formally trained and is proficient at percussion tablature. He has performed and toured extensively. He is influenced by rock drummers over the decades including Neil Peary and Alex Van Halen.

The Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center, @HWOAHatOakland, is committed to preserving Oakland’s past, present and future. The Center supports the mission of @healthywestorange, a grassroots movement to inspire West Orange County to become the healthiest community in the nation. Working with its partners, the Center provides important tools and social connections to help residents eat well, stay active and enjoy life.

To learn more visit: https://www.1887band.com/

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