Marco Rivera – Professional Musician

In 2017, while in middle school Mr. Rivera attended the Annual HAPCO Winter Jazz clinic – While in a master classes with head clinician Wycliffe Gordon, Mr. Rivera said he was amazed and immediately knew he wanted to be a professional musician – That night, Mr. Rivera remained at the school for the Jazz concert which featured Mr. Gordon as our lead performer.

  • UCF Grad – Jazz Studies
  • Professional musician that plays all over the world

Andrew Kennedy – Elementary Music Educator and Professional Musician  

In 2011, as a HS Sophomore, Mr. Kennedy was not serious about school – He attended the Annual HAPCO Winter Jazz clinic where his school was the HOST school – That experience of the entire day, changed his view for the love of music and he knew he had to focus on school to remain a member of the music program.  From that day on, Mr. Kennedy has been a dedicated person for education and being a mentor to other musicians-