Echoes Throughout Time

Summer Educational Programs a Hit with Youth and Seniors!

HAPCO Educator Ricky Jackson explored musical genres in-depth with two groups this summer at our Echoes Throughout Time program. Young people at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida at the Mildred Dixon Activity Center in Winter Garden focused on hip hop. Seniors at the Wellcare Welcome Center studied jazz.

Through a fun and interactive course program, the students are immersed in a journey through the history of the genre that they collectively select to learn about. They learn how the genre is written, how to discern forms of songs, different styles of poetry/song writing as well as literary functions used. For this program, Jackson provides a general overview of music as it pertains to history’s effects on modern society and genre impact and relevance on culture, increasing student self-esteem and self-awareness.

Jackson teaches general music concepts including rhythm, time/beat, harmony and melody. Students also learn the effects that music has on the human body, mind and other mediums in nature and how that effects their environment and health.

Both groups collectively composed music that they presented at their Finale Performances for friends and family.

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