Listed below are Music Education and Clinics offered by HAPCO Music Foundation.

Jeff Rupert Jazz Improv Clinic

Join Jeff Rupert for three days of jazz jams, improv and education at our Summer Jazz Clinic. You’ll learn how to play improv better and develop an awareness of pertinent recordings and improvisational concepts in jazz. At the saxophone-specific clinic, musicians will develop skills and an understanding of conceptualization of playing the instrument.
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One Stop Rhythm Shop

“One Stop Rhythm Shop” is a clinic designed to give educators and students an aural, visual and interactive experience. Over the course of the session: directors and students will learn ways to interpret a drum chart, set-up common ensemble swing rhythms, as well as learn tips relevant to all rhythm section players for playing swing, funk, ballads, salsa, bossa nova and samba styles with more authenticity.
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Jazz Master Class

Students work to improve their performance skills in full ensemble rehearsals, sectionals and combo workshops. They also study theory, jazz history and improvisation training. The class is designed to accommodate musicians ranging from the less experienced to the most talented, with a minimum of one year of training on their chosen instrument.
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Join HAPCO in giving Central Florida’s young people the tools and training they need to improve their lives through music and the arts.

With the help of our Community Partners, these students are focusing their energies upon honing their talent, doing better in school – and realizing they have the opportunity to go to college.