HAPCO music programs

Through our music programs’ clinics, camps, master classes and live performances, middle and high school musicians improve their talents with instruction from industry professionals. Programs can be custom-tailored for individual program needs.

Programs are offered online or in small in-person groups compliant with CDC guidelines.

Through HAPCO LIVE, musicians gain paid public performance experience at community venues and events.

 Joseph McMullen, Saxophonist Micah Silverstein and other musicians on stage








Students work to improve their technique, form and performance skills in full ensemble rehearsals, sectionals, combo and improv educational sessions. They also study theory and aspects of music industry business including entrepreneurship and home studio recording.

Programs emphasize personal skill development, teamwork, self-confidence, historical perspective and social interactions. Students gain insights into educational resources available through university-level music programs as well as guidance for pursuing professional musical careers.

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virtual saxophone class with Ricky Jackson
2024 Winter Jazz Band Clinic

2024 Winter Jazz Band Clinic

Join us at our free, non-competitive jazz clinic for middle and high school bands and individual students. February 3, 2024 — details coming soon!

Echoes Throughout Time

This program helps students understand the origins, history and purpose of selected popular music genres throughout history.The course utilizes multimedia resources, popular music...
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Jazz Improv Clinic

Join Jeff Rupert for three days of jazz jams, improv and education at our Summer Jazz Clinic. You’ll learn how to play improv better and develop an awareness of pertinent recordings and improvisational concepts in jazz.
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Theory & Performance with Dr. Otto Gomez

Theory & Performance

In this four-part series, Dr. Gomez expands student interest in jazz and music overall. The class focuses upon jazz to generate an increased interest level of participating students as well as attract new students to music programs.

Master Classes with Scott Wilson

Jazz Theory & Performance

Learn in areas including sight reading, preparing for the music industry and career tools.

Bandstand Rhythm clinic with Brandon Robertson

Bandstand Rhythm

Join Brandon Robertson on an exploration of how to improve your live performance as part of a dynamic rhythm section. Pianists, bassists and drummers will gain insights into their roles within a big band and/or combo setting.

Powerhouse Improv clinic with Wycliffe Gordon

Powerhouse Improv Clinic

Wycliffe Gordon shares ways to use the concept of improvisation to adapt to the making and sharing of music. He will expound on the concepts from “Sing It First” to show how practical application of improvisation techniques can prepare us for any challenge we may be presented with in life.

One-Stop Clinic Series

A series designed to get your full jazz ensemble and rhythm section groovin' in various styles. Swing, Funk, Ballad, Bossa/Samba, Bolero, Cha-Cha, Salsa...
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Violin String Master Classes with Richmond Punch

Violin String Master Classes

Students work to improve their performance skills in full ensemble rehearsals, sectionals and combo workshops. They also study theory, music history and improvisation training.
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DeRosa Method Master Classes

The DeRosa Method Master Classes for Music Educators can be tailored for specific needs and schedule. For one school or as part of an
adjudication or a festival.

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Martin Bejerano Cuban American Trio


HAPCO LIVE connects student musicians with other musicians and the community at in-person and online events. The program gives our musicians paid live performance experience that expands their skills and helps them financially. Community groups enjoy quality live music while supporting local young musicians.

custom programs

Custom-tailored Programs

HAPCO customizes music educational programs to individual school or community group program needs. Programs can be entirely in-person, online only or a hybrid mix. HAPCO is an OCPS Education Partner in Orange County, Florida.

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Dana Rice Music


Many of our professional musician educators offer private lessons in-person and online. Our university-level student musicians provide instruction through our Peer Program at extremely affordable rates. Our Partner Providers also offer personalized programs.

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Dr. Otto Gomez clinic at Carver Middle School

Your monthly gift of just $20 helps HAPCO expand our programs and positively impact the lives of more students and our communities.

HAPCO Band Camp finale


Through our Kenneth R. Tolbert Scholarship Fund, we award scholarships to disadvantaged young people for fee-based programs including private lessons and summer jazz band camp.
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Ryan Devlin looking at a saxophone

Instrument Donation

HAPCO provides instruments to students who cannot afford their own. We also supply local community centers and churches with used instruments for their music programs.

We refurbish unwanted or damaged instruments.

Contact us to donate instruments.

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Join HAPCO in giving Central Florida’s young people the tools and training they need to improve their lives through music and the arts.

With the help of our Community Partners, these students are focusing their energies upon honing their talent, doing better in school – and realizing they have the opportunity to go to college.

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