Dana Rice
Dana Rice

Dana Rice is an Atlanta based singer/songwriter from Mississippi who delivers velvet vocals over soulful vibes with heart hitting lyrics. Her latest offering is called BEND, an R&B/Soul single which she co-wrote with songwriting partner and producer Jayne Olderman.

Listen to just a few bars of any song written by Dana Rice and you’re bound to hear some references to any of the aforementioned items. When you need to calm your soul and just “chill”, that’s a good time to click on a Dana Rice song. Her songs and soulful singing give you that comforting feeling of finally being home. So sit back, relax and let Dana’s message and her music breathe so you can experience what’s going on inside your soul.

On any given day you will find her writing songs, singing songs, playing the piano and teaching others how to do the same through piano/voice lessons.

Dana has performed her music throughout the US and has toured Japan where she performed and taught music workshops. She was the winner of American Idol’s Big Push competition and named one of the best emerging artists to watch. One of the highlights of her career is working with the next generation of singers. She has been a guest clinician with the Gospel Music Workshop Of America’s children’s choir and has nurtured numerous young musicians. Her students have performed in prestigious venues and have been featured in music videos and professional sound recordings.

Dana is married to Damian Rice, her biggest supporter. They have been married 23 years and have a son and daughter who are both artists as well.