Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris

Derrick Harris: is a Miami Florida native with over 20 years of experience in the live music industry. He is the CEO of the Eighth Note Productions, LLC and an expert trombonist currently in the Dr. Phillips Jazz Orchestra.

When Derrick performs, he aims to create a sensational, melodic atmosphere for his audiences. He plays both originally composed and arranged music, as well as interpretations of popular music from a variety of styles.

As an instructor of Jazz Improvisation and Lower Brass Studies , Derrick’s dedication, passion, and ambition is shown towards his students. He helps each pupil, get better one note at a time by implementing good practice techniques, embouchure control, and the essentials of the trombone as an instrument.

He has performed in Central Florida and throughout the US for over a decade. Playing many musical styles inclusive of jazz, big band, ’50s and ’60s rock and Caribbean music is a specialty.

He is a HAPCO clinician and outstanding LIVE performer.