Cooking with Chef Cartel – December 9th

Cooking with Chef Cartel

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Second Wednesday Every Month

7:00 – 7:45 pm

Join Chef John Cartel for a free monthly class series focused on healthy nutrition that tastes great. You’ll gain confidence in the kitchen and learn how to make healthier shopping choices, on a budget. Take a proactive approach for your sustained good health – using your intuition, staying curious and always learning more!
Chef Cartel teaches nutrition and cooking skills while showing how to create spotlighted recipes and meals. Topics include:

  • $20 family meals in 20 minutes
  • diabetic choices
  • healthy no carbs
  • weight loss through delicious nutrition

He will also teach cooking essentials including:

  • keys to being a good cook
  • fact-based nutrition information
  • food safety tips and prep demonstrations
  • all about proteins, fats and carbs
  • locally-sourced ingredients

Jacksonville native Chef John Cartel serves his signature wings and seafood dishes at Cartels Kitchen Seafood & More, Tutson Catering Company and through private chef and meal prep services. His signature Crab Boil Wing™️ is one of his many creations that he is known for nationwide. He emphasizes quality and  quantity with palatable homemade recipes served in a Southern style.

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