Wycliffe Gordon and Preston Rupert

Wycliffe Gordon Gives Pointers at Summer Jazz Camp

In 2017, Preston Rupert had been playing trumpet for about a month. At our Summer Jazz Camp, one of our HAPCO Clinicians, Wycliffe Gordon, gave him some pointers. BTW, Wycliffe was named 2022 Trombonist of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association – the 15th time he has received this honor. Wycliffe’s encouragement at that Master Class helped inspire Preston to be a musician. Today, Preston is out playing live in Orlando.

Our clinicians are tops in their professions. They deliver incredible music education for our young people. They help us continue to fulfill our mission to help young people build their futures through music and the arts.

Thanks to Preston’s Dad, Jeff Rupert, UCF director of jazz studies, for the video.