Anthony Parker
Wordsmith – Anthony Parker
Songwriter, Performer

Anthony Parker, better known as “Wordsmith,” is a Baltimore-based songwriter, performer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Wordsmith makes hip-hop with a strong motivational message. His mission is to entertain and educate through a message of purpose while providing clean, quality, marketable Music for the Masses.

Philanthropy has always been a major part of Wordsmith’s core values and his partnerships with Project Plase Homeless Shelter in Baltimore and Kids Connection Haiti keeps his purpose alive and well. As of July 2020, Wordsmith officially opened his nonprofit “Rise with a Purpose, Inc.” Wordsmith combines his love of Music and Theater into highly expressive performances free of profanity. Wordsmith’s message content is fun and inspiring for all ages!

In 2009 Wordsmith opened his independent label NU Revolution Entertainment. Since its inception, distribution and licensing deals have been partnered with INgrooves, United Masters, Redeye, and APM Music.

Wordsmith has released 5 albums over his career, became a Grammy Voting Member and earned winner of Best Rap/Hip Album for Perspective Jukebox at the 16th Independent Music Awards. Wordsmith continues to use this platform to strengthen partnerships with major brands including Netflix, ESPN, NFL Network and WWE.

2019 brought prominent features in the hit shows Russian Doll (Netflix), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Preacher (AMC), Skam France (UK TV) and recently had two songs featured in the video game NBA 2K21 Next Gen!

In continuing to expand the company, Wordsmith partnered with the US Department of State to fund performances and workshops in countries around the world to strengthen multicultural ties. To date Wordsmith has brought his influential music to Azerbaijan, Haiti, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Angola and Ukraine.