Nana Kwaku Sakyi
Nana K. Blackman
Fine Artist, Realist Painter

Fine Art/Drawing Program

My name is Nana Kwaku Sakyi, I am an Akan Bono Ɔbosomfo/traditional Priest and a realist painter. I have studied drawing and painting for many years with qualified teachers. I have studied with Elkin Canas, Milixa Moron and Carlos Martinez Leon at Chiaroscuro Studio of Art, Jesu Villareal at his CT. Studio, Abdon Romero and Sonia Hidalgo at the Romero Hidalgo artists’ studios, and Lee Willig at the Artwork School. The foundation given to me by my teachers enable me to draw and paint how I see life and reality as it is expressed through nature. In essence I draw and paint things the way our eyes or a camera perceives light in nature.

For the past fifteen years I have exhibited, taught drawing and painting to adults and children at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center.

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