Cook must electonically sign affidavit of participation below stating that they have read and understood the following information:

  1. The following items will be supplied for the participant by HAPCO Music Foundation, Inc.:
    1. Greens will be washed, cut, packaged and will be ready to be cooked by the participant.
    2. Cornbread
    3. Serving containers
  2. Cook/group will provide all items required for preparation of the collard greens, i.e.:
    1. Cooking Utensils
    2. Propane or Electric Cooking Apparatus(no other cooking source or open fires will be allowed)
    3. Generator if required for electrical supply.
    4. Seasonings etc.
    5. Tables, Tents
  3. Cook can either be an individual participant or an individual cook who represents a group of individuals, a club, church or other group entity that is not a professional restaurant or cooking establishment.
  4. To ensure freshness of food, all foods will be prepared at the festival location.
  5. Cooking station set up will begin at 7:30 a.m. the day of the festival.
  6. Cooks will have food ready for judging by 11:00 a.m. the day of the event. If greens are not ready by the time of the judging, the entry will not be eligible for judging, however once prepared, the sale of greens will be allowed.
  7. Collard Greens will be available for sale by the cook or the group represented by the cook after the judging has been completed and the winner has been announced.
  8. Ticket Sales will be controlled by a designee of HAPCO Music Foundation. Tickets will be surrendered to the vendor of choice for purchasing collard greens. All tickets will be returned to the Event Coordinator.
  9. Each cook will receive $.50 per ticket returned. Portions will be sold for $1.00 per ticket.
  10. Cook and group represented by the cook agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release, the festival organizers, HAPCO Music Foundation, and The Town of Oakland, or any of its designees from any liability associated with the preparation of the foods or any accidents that may occur as a result of their participation or service of food in the collard green cook off.
  11. Cooks agree to prepare food by guidelines established by the department of health standards and will maintain food at temperatures required by those standards to ensure the safety of the judges and the general public.
  12. Clean up of the area is the responsibility of the cook and group represented. Failure to leave the area in good condition may eliminate the group/cook from participation in any future events sponsored by the event organizers or HAPCO Music Foundation.
  13. Collard Greens entered in the cook-off will be judged by impartial judges and participants understand that the selection of the winner is purely a subjective decision based on personal taste preferences, and is in no way a reflection of preference based on the individual or group whose food is being judged.
  14. Awarded Trophy will be available for next Year’s “Collard Green Cook-off” Winner

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My electronic signature verifies that I have read the rules for the “Collard Green Cook-off” above and agree to abide by same. Should I have any questions or request any further information I can contact the event organizers at 407-877-2262 or by email at

I, the cook, or group representative will be at the event location at 331 N. Tubb Street, Oakland, FL, no later than 8:00 a.m. for registration and set up.   I further agree to the sale of the collard greens left after the judging as indicated above.