group of peopleMission

  • Positively affect the culture of healthcare organizations to incorporate the arts as part of care deliveries that will enhance quality, cost effectiveness, and patient/family satisfaction
  • Provide continuing professional education to health care providers to add the arts in healthcare, medical care, community health and their professions
  • Influence policy which integrates funding, access and incorporation of the arts across educational, community and institutional settings
  • Realize the potential of arts to further social change and public health
  • Facilitate research that examines the ability of the arts to further health, well being, and quality of care for individuals, families, and care-givers

Positive Change through Arts Applications

  • Using arts based interventions to impact health disparities and build equal access programs for all peoples across all cultures
  • Developing arts based wellness and prevention programs
  • Identifying the cost-benefit analysis of the arts and other forms of evidence based practice that address the concerns that are in the forefront of institutional health providers
  • Advance the role of art and artists in comprehensive healthcare
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Improving long term and elder care
  • Increasing caregiver job satisfaction
  • Reducing stress and pain

Walk and Talk for Diabetes

Walk and Talk for Diabetes flyerThe Walk and Talk events occur every other month and will focus on providing the general public
information to assist them with developing confidence in improving diabetes health.

  • Medication Therapy and Adherence: Emphasis on why staying on a medication schedule will help in a better quality of life and economic benefits.
  • Dietary: Advantages of food groups.
  • Ophthalmic Health: Why it is mandatory for regular eye care.
  • Physical Exercise: Developing individual plans that will encourage healthier habits.
  • Kidney Health: What you can do to help prevent damage to your filtration system.
  • Proper Oral Hygiene: What your mouth says about your health.

The Walk and Talk events will be a 3 mile walk, while receiving valuable information on diabetes, include an educational symposium (on one of the topic listed above), and will be conducted every other month in a local community near you.

12 Month Program Synopsis:
  • Walk and Talk along the West Orange Trail discussing Diabetes Education and promoting exercise (3mile walk).
  • The walk will conclude with an education symposium per month (AIC, Medication Therapy and Adherence, Dietitian, Eye Care, Exercise, Nephrology, Oral Care, etc, just to name a few) at the Town of Oakland Town Center.
  • We will also have a healthy meal served during each symposium.
  • Conducted every other month (6 times per year) on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

These are the activities that will jump start our communities to a better quality of life. Myers Pharmacy Consultants believes one step at a time will provide you the tools to reach your optimal condition of the body, mind and soul.

HAPCO Music Heals and Myers Pharmacy Consultants West Orange County Diabetes Projects lead health care service provider. Contact Myers Pharmacy Consultants  for all your Diabetes health care needs.

MPC HAPCO health initiative

Walk and Talk Dates:


  • January 25th ~ TBD
  • March 29th ~ TBD
  • May 31st ~ TBD

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Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Your organization can participate in several different ways:

  1. Sponsorship: Increased opportunities for exposure through marketing and advertisement.
  2. Gift Items: For gifts and/or door prizes.

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Current Sponsors:
SILVER SPONSOR:Health Central Hospital logo BRONZE SPONSOR:Town of Oakland, Florida logo

These events are sponsored by Myers Pharmacy Consultants and the HAPCO Music Foundation, Inc.  For more information call 813.877.9756.

Walk and Talk for Diabetes sponsors

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