The primary goal of HapCo Inc.  is to provide scholarships for deserving student to attend any music related College and/or Universities program of their choice in the United States.   In addition, HapCo serves to:

  • Train student musicians in the fine art of musical performance through applied lessons and solo and ensemble performance experiences.
  • Help students understand the structures and contexts of music throughout history and in the present, to enhance their appreciation and performance of diverse musical styles.
  • Help music students develop the tools of self-discipline, creative expression, analysis, problem solving, and communication for success in their chosen life’s work, in or out of the field of music.
  • Share the joy of musical expression with the general student, university, community, and regional populations through concerts and recitals.
  • Serve as a resource center for music programs initially in Florida and bordering states then expanding nationally.
  • Provide opportunities for pre-college music study for high school students via a summer band camp program.
  • To have available a College and/or University Emergency Fund for music students in need of immediate aid.
  • Maintain a team of musicians/teachers who, through dedication to excellence, sound pedagogy, and effective communication skills, present models that inspire students to achieve their full potential.