HAPCO Music Foundation Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is “Building futures through music and education for deserving youths”. In 1984-85 my senior year in high school, I Joseph “Patrick” McMullen President and CEO of HAPCO Music Foundation applied to Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy. The spring of 1985 I received my acceptance letter and shortly thereafter I received my financial aid papers that stated the financial aid I was seeking was pending. So coming from a single income family, I knew I could not afford to go college without financial aid. So my mother told me to show Mr. Kenneth Tolbert, (my high school Band Director and Chairman of Board of Directors HAPCO), my financial aid letter. Mr. Tolbert’s exact words to me were, “Son you go to FAMU and if your financial aid does not come through for you, call me and I would take care of the situation.” I always think about what my Band Director meant to me. More than a teacher, he was family. Fortunately my financial aid came through, and now I am a pharmacist because of Mr. Tolbert giving me that security that I needed to go to college. Just think of how many students out there that do not have a Mr. Tolbert as a safety net. HAPCO Music Foundation realizes this and wants no student to ever wonder where his or her financial support is coming from. HAPCO Music Foundation aims to be that safety net for all deserving students. HAPCO Music Foundation was created because Joseph “Patrick” McMullen’s dream was almost not realized, so let’s not let a student lose their dream. The next student HAPCO Music Foundation helps may be our next President, develop the cure for AIDS, or our next Billionaire Entrepreneur. Thus we have HAPCO Music Foundation.


“Building futures through music, art, and education.”
The fundamental principle of our mission focuses on serving the needs of youth in arts education. Since 2001, HapCO Music Foundation, Inc. works to support educational arts programs, particularly in low-income communities.  Our mission confirms our obligation to raise the awareness of music and the arts, with particular emphasis on schools and our community.


The HapCo Mentorship Program would like to appeal to any established musician and/ or teacher who would be interested in becoming mentors.  The goal of the mentorship program is to provide an opportunity for the mentor and his/her student to engage in a special relationship, one that is a time honored tradition in the arts.

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