Ricky Jackson
Ricky Jackson
jazz saxophone and piano

Ricky Jackson is a musician/producer/songwriter based out of South Florida, who’s mission has been to combine high-quality musicianship, with an intellectual passion and romanticization of contemporary music. Using his personal influences from gospel, r&b, jazz, hip-hop, classical and country/bluegrass music, and an array of multi-instrumental talent and proficiency, he has been able to work with artists that differentiate not only in genre but musical content, showing his musical versatility and experience. With over 15 years of experience he’s worked with such artist as Arturo Sandoval, Lil Wayne, Ed Calle, Melton Mustafa, Duffy Jackson, Pharell Williams and countless of other musician and artist behind the scenes in the music industry. As a composer, he has composed for many artist and received the honor of scoring The Special Olympics Award winning PSA “Speechless”.

Currently working on his debut album, “Love Or Insanity?”, and releasing 2 books on learning how to read and use the Nashville Number System in contemporary gospel music, he hopes to bridge the gap between the average student/listener, using a soulful romanticization of modern music art and multimedia.

See more of what he’s doing on his website here.