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José Valentino
José Valentino Ruiz
Head of Music Business & Entrepreneurship, Univ. of Florida

Music Programs

Dr. José Valentino is revered for his unequivocal mastery on the flute, saxophone, bass guitar, and Latin percussion in all genres of music. His greatest passion is cultivating the next generation of aspiring creative professionals.

He is regarded as one of the most groundbreaking artist-performers and music producers of his generation. He is an EMMY® Award Winner, a participating audio engineer and musician for a Latin GRAMMY® Award Winning album, a multiple Latin GRAMMY® Nominee for Best Jazz Album and Instrumental Album categories, the record holder with 51 DownBeat® Student Music Awards [the highest award for jazz education], a Global Music® Award Winner, and a Parents’ Choice® Award Winner.

He performs and gives workshops on music entrepreneurship and commercial music internationally. He is a prolific music producer with over 60 albums. Dr. Valentino is a multi-award winning film composer for Hayden 5 and MVProds. He has performed at Carnegie Hall.

Website: https://www.josevalentino.com