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HAPCO LIVE Musicians perform at FPP Online Conference

HAPCO LIVE musicians Andrew Kennedy and Justin Mendez performed live last week at the online FPP 2021 Fifth Annual Online Conference. FPP, and its legacy name of Florida Prosperity Partnership, works to elevate financial capability for all. It is a non-profit coalition of over 2700+ partner and members in and beyond Florida who primarily serve low- and moderate-income individuals and households.

HAPCO Founder and Chairman Joseph McMullen shared the HAPCO story and upcoming educational programs with the group.

We thank Barry Altland, MAOL, FPP’s Director, Partner Engagement, for including our LIVE musicians and spotlighting HAPCO’s work to build better futures for young people through their arts and music talents.

The FPP coalition is comprised of Florida-based, domestic and international organizations and practitioners representing non-profits, financial institutions, academia, government agencies, for-profit enterprises and more, all committed to generating a collective impact.

Through coalition engagement, FPP’s Financial Capability practitioners build knowledge, skill and understanding to elevate people and communities from financial crisis to stability, security, well-being and prosperity. Info: www.FloridaProsperityPartnership.org