Playing the Blues and Breaking Down the Changes

Dan Miller

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Saturday, April 17

10:30 am – 12:00 pm


High School Students

At this free improvisation master class, explore playing the Blues with Dan Miller. Topics include:

  • how to improvise utilizing the so-called blues scale, with swinging rhythm, including eighth notes and eighth note triplets
  • how to utilize quotations from blues heads as part of the melodic material in your solos, learning the rhythm of the music
  • the three Dominant 7th chords (I, IV, V) that make up the chord progression of the Blues
  • learning and internalizing strong Dominant Seventh phrases as well as introducing Dominant 7th Bebop Scale lines
  • learning the solos of the great masters of this music by ear

Since 2005, Dan Miller has split his time between New York City and Florida. He is currently a member of the Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra and the musical director of the Naples Philharmonic Youth Jazz Orchestra. He is a Yamaha Clinician and Performing Artist and works with college bands, high school bands and private students nationwide. He is an Artist-in-Residence and Jazz Trumpet Instructor for the University of Central Florida’s School of Performing Arts in Orlando.

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