HAPCO Live – July 9th

HAPCO Live performance with Andrew Kennedy and James Zito

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HAPCO LIVE musicians Andrew Kennedy and James Zito will entertain The University Club members on Friday, July 9 from 6-9 pm.

Andrew Kennedy is a graduate of University of South Florida with a degree in jazz studies. He plans to continue his education to become a Professor of Jazz so that he may teach the next generation everything he’s learned. He plays clarinet, saxophone and flute.

New York guitarist James Zito’s masterful touch and soulful melodies inspired Artslife Magazine to dub him “The Natural” a reference to Robert Redford’s starring take as the new baseball phenom Roy Hobbs. Born in Orlando, Florida, he is admired both for his authentic approach inspired by Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian and Rodney Jones and his commitment to his personal, unique voice in Jazz.

In 2021, HAPCO Music Foundation is celebrating 20 years of community service. Since 2001, HAPCO has educated and inspired over 25,000 young people – encouraging them to use their musical, culinary and artistic talents to fund their college education or to pursue professional careers. With their programs, young people in the community are improving their lives – using their artistic and musical talents to shape a better future, focusing their energies upon honing their talent and doing better in school.

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